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Gambeson type-1 gobelin
Gambeson type-1 gobelin
69,00 €
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Visby Brigandine
Visby Brigandine
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Stockings quilted vertically
Stockings quilted vertically
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Padded arming coif
Padded arming coif
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Workshop Forge of Svan - manufacturing and reconstruction of the medieval armours.

Our forge was founded in January 2004. From the very first day our the objective was to develop manufactury of equipment for the role-playing games and historical reconstruction in the context of the Middle Ages. We are constantly developing new models of products trying to be as close to the historical originals as it is possible.

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If you have any questions, please contact us. Information about how to do that you can find in the section "Contacts" . We are happy to answer.

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Forge of Svan blacksmith’s shop

Looking for a stunning present? Want to fill your own collection up with a beautiful fantasy sword or a medieval armor? Or maybe you enjoy taking part in historical festivals and you need a real SCA armor with gambeson and a sword or a medieval crossbow?

Welcome to our blacksmith’s shop! Here you can buy swords, any type of armor, crossbows and many others.

We make durable medieval armor and offer you both ready armors and custom models made by personal orders. The armors we offer to you are exact copies of real historical originals. They may be a secure defense in a historical festival as well as a real pride for anybody who is an expert in medieval history. We sell roman armor, leather armor, lamellar armor, full plate armor, and armor of any other type you need, both as a unit and in separate parts: gambesons, wrists, legs etc.

Feel free to contact us for any question about our items and purchase. We will answer all your questions as soon as we get your letter.
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Image         MORE COLORS!

 Corazzina on red leather


 French arm armor

 Padded mitten.
Image Padded arming coif
 Steel arms with rondel wings
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